Adrenalyn XL™ 2020 - Road To UEFA EURO 2020




Each game consists of 10 Rounds. The winner is the gamer who scored the most goals during the game. Per Round the gamers each perform a turn one after the other.

Beginning of the Game

  • Both gamers get 4 random cards from their Deck.
  • They can decide to exchange each of the initial cards once with a different random card from their remaining Deck.
  • A coin-flip determines the starting gamer. The second gamer get an additional special hand-card that is not part of the gamers Deck.

Play a turn

  • First the Energy amount for the active gamer is set to the current Round number - up to a maximum of 5
  • All Field-Players of the active gamer lose their “warm-up” and “exhausted” states.
  • The active gamer draws one card.
  • Afterwards the gamer can perform different actions in no specific order and as many as desired and the remaining Energy amount allows:
  1. Place Player-Cards on the field
  2. Play Action-Cards
  3. Use Field-Players to attack the opponent’s Goalkeeper or Field-Players
  • It is also allowed to end the turn after drawing a card without any additional action

Placing Player-Cards on field

Each gamer can have up to 5 Player-Cards on the field, in addition to the Goalkeeper that has a fixed position. If the gamer has enough Energy left and less than 5 players on field, a Player-Card can be played.

When a Player-Card is placed on the field it automatically either becomes a Shield-Player (if the card’s DEF value is larger or equal to it’s ATT value) or an Offense-Player (if the card’s ATT value is larger than it’s DEF value). If a Player-Card has Effects, they are immediately executed when playing the card.

When a Player-Card is used to add a Field-Player, the Field-Player is in a “warm-up” state. This means that the Field-Player can not immediately be used to attack an opponent’s Field-Player or Goalkeeper. In the next turn the “warm-up” state will be removed from the Field-Player.

Playing Action-Cards

A gamer can play as many Action-Cards per turn as the remaining Energy amount allows. The Effects take place immediately, afterwards the Action-Card is discarded.

Attacking an opponent’s player

If a gamers Field-Player is neither in “warm-up” nor in “exhausted”-state it can be used to attack an opponent’s Field-Player or Goalkeeper. The Goalkeeper can only be attacked if there are no more Shield-Players on the opponent’s field. The opponent’s Goalkeeper can not be attacked by own Shield-Players, only by Offense-Players. Opponent’s Field-Players that are “exhausted” or in “warm-up” can also be attacked.

For an attack the ATT and DEF values of the two participating Field-Players are compared:

  1. The opponent’s Field-Player’s DEF value is decreased by the attacker’s ATT value
  2. The attacker’s ATT value is decreased by the opponent’s Field-Player’s DEF value

If one of the Field-Players has any value reduced to 0, it is removed from the field. If both Field-Players reach 0, they are both removed.

The attacking Field-Player is set to “exhausted” and can not perform another attack during this turn.

Scoring a Goal

A goal is scored when the opponent’s Goalkeeper has it’s DEF value reduced to 0. Afterwards the Goalkeepers DEF value is reset to the initial value.

The opponent’s Goalkeeper can only be attacked if the opponent has no Shield-Players on field. A gamer can not attack the Goalkeeper with a Shield-Player but only with an Offense-Player.


  • After 5 Rounds it is Halftime!
  • Each gamer draws 4 additional cards from his deck..
  • Then the next Round starts with the same player starting as before.

End of Game

  • The game ends after 10 Rounds (unless an Effect changes the total number of Rounds).  After the last Round the gamer with the most goals wins.
  • When both gamers have the same number of goals, the game ends as draw, unless it is a tournament match.
  • When the game ends draw after a tournament match, for each gamer the ATT and DEF values of all remaining Field-Players are summed up. The gamer with the highest sum wins. If the sum is still the same, the w inner will be picked by random.